My son and I have just finished this 999 piece jigsaw, ripped off by 1….(bought second-hand from the op shop for $2, it was probably naïve of me to think all the pieces would be there). It was a mystery jigsaw, ie, one without a picture of the finished project.


9 thoughts on “The imperfect project

  1. This is a great take on ‘imperfect’. I’ve never done a mystery puzzle and think you and your son are awesome. I can’t make out what the State of California certificate is. Marriage? And is the other a life insurance policy?


    1. It’s a Death Certificate Julie. The mystery puzzle recommends that you read a novel by Sue Grafton,’ Poison that leaves no trace’, to gather clues for the picture. There is a summarised version in the box to get you started. I did think about changing the title to The Incomplete project…..


      1. Ah, I see now. I didn’t realize these were based on mystery books. I just thought they were a mystery because you didn’t know what the picture was before doing it. This looks like fun!


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