It was a perfect day for exploring the rockpools, early afternoon, bright sun, blue sky, clear water, empty beach. This is how I think I remember the colours of the beach that day, the seaweed is known as Neptune’s necklace.


9 thoughts on “The imperfect project

  1. That’s a glorious image, Jackie! I like how you gave all the attention to the foreground but still left the horizon to ground us.

    When I was growing up, the tidepools were a regular outing. I’d never heard the “Neptune’s Necklace” name for that type of seaweed but it is very apt indeed.

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    1. Thankyou Julie, the conditions on that hot, summer day were great for beachcombing, but not for taking decent photos, but I’m happy the image evoked memories of doing the same.


  2. I want to live next to an ocean! This is just beautiful and LOVE all the various textures. I could explore there for hours. When do you want me to visit? LOL

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    1. This stretch of coastline is quite unspoilt and therefore still beautiful, very windswept which makes it a perfect launching place for hang gliders. Come visit anytime, the weather here never drops below freezing point….

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  3. Has Neptune moved from the Mediterranean/Atlantic are to the Southern Ocean? I wasn’t advised. I see no imperfection (just a hint of Victoria) We don’t get waves like that at Redcliffe – Jealous!

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    1. Neptune rules over all the waves. This is Thirteenth Beach, just past the Bluff at Barwon Heads, did you ever visit this area when you suffered living in Victoria? Barwon Heads is where they made the TV series, Sea Change.


    1. Thankyou Simone, the views along this stretch of coastline are breathtaking, but the light in the middle of the day can be harsh which made me tinker with the colours to try and show other viewers what I remember seeing.

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