Found this poor, little mouse being dragged in and out of the surf, after some gentle first-aid, I relocated him further up the beach to ponder his good fortune.

2 thoughts on “Ben, you’ve got a friend in me..

  1. lol I forgot about this song and movie…the movie was a bit creepy! You brought back to me a Halloween when the boys were about 8…we were watching Ben when a mouse ran across my floor…we all jumped on the couch! Needlas to say, we didn’t finish the movie that night cause I sent Scott out to Walmart to get a trap (while me and the dogs stayed on the couch) lol


  2. Tammy, that’s so funny!..I take it you never had to put up with having mice as pets in your house, though I did have to make a stand about having a pet rat, that would have creeped me out entirely.


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