Mother and family soaking up some heat on the road, thankfully the road was in a caravan park……


8 thoughts on “ON THE ROAD

  1. What a sweet little family you’ve discovered! I was trying to count the head and eye stripes to determine how many little ones there are but couldn’t be certain. In any case, momma sure has her hands, er, wings full!


  2. We have a family of 9 babies plus mom that we’ve been feeding bird seed to since they were as little as yours! Ours have just about got their full sized wings so they will be ready to fly away come fall.


  3. Oh, dear. I am reminded of the mama who hatched her brood on the roof of that office building. Did you see that? A guy in his office saw her trying to coax the babies to fly down from the ledge and raced to their rescue. As mama persuaded the little ones to fly down, he caught each one and placed it on the sidewalk. Then mama led the little ones across the street and into a nearby lake. All of this drama took place with great fanfare and stopped traffic! We encroached on the natural world often with unfortunate results, I think. Lucky ducks, here and there. I love the photo.


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