7 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS

  1. When Christmas comes the Christmas heat’ll
    bring once more the Christmas Beetle
    The first inflammatory breeze’ll
    set him buzzing like a diesel.
    Hear him open up his throttle
    as he hums above the wattle!
    Hear him zoom, and snarl and rattle
    Like a fighter plane in battle!
    Watch him dive to sink and settle-
    Folding up his wings of metal –
    Cutting off the engines sound
    as quietly as he comes to ground.
    Then watch some sparrows, frail and lowly,
    Strike him swiftly, rend him wholly.

    Kein Gellert


  2. We do not have Christmas beetles in New England. Any bug who knows what’s good for him/her is either hibernating or fled (or dead, I suppose.) But it looks like our June bugs, which are wicked cool.


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