Billabong dreaming on a sunny late afternoon with shadows and reflections to make the heart swoon….


18 thoughts on “SHADOWS

    1. This is on the NSW side of the Murray, and you’d be surprised at how good Werribee South is looking these days, the bird life there is abundant. I’ll make a point of taking you there should you ever decide to venture south of the border again.


      1. Ha Ha! No way I’ll become a wetback in reverse! LoL (I was just tugging on your Chicken Legs Lady. That area was more than acceptable even when I was in Point Cook! LOL It was a great shot but I thought you may have missed my exclusive viewpoint! Ah Well I tried. Good to see you fighting fit!


  1. I’ve known the words to “Waltzing Matilda” since I was 13 or so–but have never seen a billabong. I’d imagined something far more shallow and with less vegetation. So serene, shaded, cool and lovely! The reflections are a world unto themselves.


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