I’m not sure what the PSA (personal space agreement) is between seagulls, but this helicopter launch pad on the river was crowded to overflowing with a few gulls enjoying the late afternoon sun.


12 thoughts on “CROWDED

  1. i can almost feel the warmth of their sunbath…although, I’d hate to be there when a helicopter came in for a landing! šŸ™‚


  2. I seem to remember from one of my bio classes in college that they keep the distance of a peck away from each other. Love the lighting–each bird seems to glow.


  3. From my perspective, I am much happier seeing them on the ground. When they are flying around, one may have to seek cover! LOL!


  4. My wife just got out of the hospital so I took her for a ride to the waterfront today and saw exactly the same birds here in NY. Great use of the theme. Nice shot.


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