Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all made it through the Christmas season unscathed…  I have so much catching up to do on everyone’s blogs, so many new players which is really great to see, hope I can get round to making comments on them all. Meanwhile, after spending a wonderful week camping along the mighty Murray River I’ll be starting off this year’s blog with some beautiful bush scenery that lines the dirt tracks to get to the riverbank where we fished for the legendary Murray Cod.


16 thoughts on “TREES

  1. And what species of tree would these be…they definitely have a different look to them but then Australia is full of unique things (and people)! Does look like wilderness to me!


  2. If you want murray Cod, you have to fish near Red Gums, the sap of those ghost gums drives them away – So I Hear! I miss Visiting the Murray, must be great with water in it!


  3. So cool that you’re able to be camping now! Our camper is winterized and covered until April. You’re photo has an Impressionistic quality to it. Cezanne, perhaps?


  4. a quiet spot for the holidays? Hope you caught some of those cod. We are thinking of heading that way early in March for some get-away time. Love the capture of these beautiful trees


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