Stylistic raindrops and puddles have been cut in to this rusty, barren representation of the earth, all in the name of educating us about drought resistant plants for our gardens. I think this year we are going to have a summer with plenty of rainfall, steamy days ahead.


15 thoughts on “15 BARREN

  1. Love the patterns. Something reminds me of the designs sent into outer space on (I think) Voyager to tell potential extraterrestrials about our planet. It conveys the concept of rain. Rain in rust…intriguing.


  2. That’s a real cool design to put on a rusty steel canvas. Is it the La Ninia occurrence in the Pacific that seems to indicate more precipitation for you?


  3. Hi!
    You asked if I write reviews of the books I read, yes I do. They are at my book blog. You can visit if you like. It’s on my sidebar, Just Books. Have a great day!



  4. Great patterns and textures in this and I love the message. Sadly drought resistant plants don’t do well in overly wet years.

    Seems like extreme weather will be the norm.


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