Happiness is finding a new handbag that ticks all the boxes like price,size, colour, feel,durability, pockets, shoulder strap, roominess for all the bits and pieces I can’t possibly leave the house without, you girls out there will know what I mean…


11 thoughts on “136 HANDBAG

  1. Don’t forget the cuteness factor, too. Love the paisley on this. Hate shopping for handbags, but when you find “the one” you feel like you’ve really scored!


  2. I sure wish I could carry a purse without having to explain myself. I used a European Carryall in Europe and all my pockets were free. I would also like to wear a utility kilt at times too, but we are going too deep into my psyche here. 🙂


  3. Ah yes, the perfect purse! Its size tends to vary thru the years and enlarges when filled with bottles, bibs, crayons etc for one’s children, downsizes when they’re grown, and then enlarges again as one carries provisions for grandchildren.


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