Once upon a time I was a Queen of sorts (an Honoured Queen in the International Order of Job’s Daughters).  Somehow this organization made it to Queensland’s shores and I joined in from the ages of 12-20 (way back in the 70’s, anyone remember those years?) My mother and I made some wonderful friends in our time there and although I no longer have any strong religious beliefs I know I can say that this experience kept me out of trouble  during my teenage years and gave my Mother something to focus on after the early death of my Father.

Please don’t believe all the rubbish you may read about it being a cult.                This is me at 18, accompanied by one of the Guardians.


14 thoughts on “277 SOMETHING ABOUT YOU

  1. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us. Your organization sounds like the Rainbow Girls chapter for Mason’s children. Good community service, not well understood by those who are not involved.


  2. Very regal! We used to have this organization in our town but it was forbidden for Catholics to participate, I believe. We had to miss out on all the fun!I was always intrigued by the photos of the girls in their dresses that were published in the paper. It had that mysterious air to it! Of course, if something is forbidden, it always makes it more appealing !


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