There’s something for everyone in this hallowe’en mask display, a celebration that has made it across the shores to Australia.  When my boys want to go trick or treating I ask them which State of America they think they’re living in and if they can tell me how the tradition started… far they haven’t come up with the right answers for me to change my stance on the issue.


10 thoughts on “39 CELEBRATION

    1. They hear stories from their friends about how many lollies (candy) they scored and this is the main attraction, the dressing-up bit on the other hand would be just too much effort.


  1. When we owned the pizza shop we used to give out pizza slices to the kids.
    The ‘poisoned’ mentality that homemade treats can be unsafe has thankfully not reached us here but I applaud you’re sticking to your guns….good for you.


  2. Love the killer clown collection. I prefer Halloween to any other holiday here. They should make it legal so I get more money for working it.


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