It was a dark and wet night along sideshow alley and the nightlife was forced to seek shelter wherever they could find it.


10 thoughts on “69 DARK AND 199 NIGHTLIFE

  1. Hey I stretch (semi acceptable) but this is straight out cheating, using two themes for one shot! Not to mention downright Lazy. LOL And I don’t care if it is a wonderful photo!


    1. I am so far behind with this challenge that I fully intend to combine themes when and where I can – I feel like I’m treading water and not going anywhere fast, calling it cheating is a little harsh……LOL looking forward to your best shot when I do it again!


  2. I think it is a really great photo and why not combine two themes when it works :-). I’m just as far behind as you so I can fully understand. I will have to hope for loads and loads of approcriate for theme photos when we go to Oz again in December…any ideas of good places in and around Melbourne? We will be staying there for a few days towards the end of our holiday.


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