This endearing little baby was just chewing on this stalk while contemplating his next move, back to Mum or back out on the swings….


18 thoughts on “86 ENDEARING

  1. Bahasa Indonesia; – Sungguh Sungguh cantik, tetapi awas saja! Walaupun hanya kecil, sangat kuat sekali, anak orang hutan ini cukup kuat mempatah lengan seorang dewasa.
    Bahasa Inggeris; – Truly beautiful, but be careful! Although he is small, He is very very strong, this baby Jungle (Hutan) Man (Orang) is strong enough to snap the arm of a Human Adult.

    I nthought it only polite to make my comment in his language before I made it in ours!


  2. Cute! and Ron is bilingual too 🙂 I was thinking of learning Irish after my trip to the Emerald Isle, but maybe Orangutang language would be better. Wonder if Rosetta Stone has that as an option.


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