Affectionately known to the locals as Willy, Williamstown was once briefly considered to become the main port for the state of Victoria. Nelson Place has some wonderful old buildings that have been transformed into restaurants, bars and boutiques that attract the crowds during the summer. There are great views of the city across the bay and plenty of maritime monuments to keep the history buffs happy.

10 thoughts on “324 THE LETTER W

  1. Jacki this is really spooky, when I was doing my language Course at Point Cook, I used to eat at least once a week in that Thai restraunt that you have pictured next to what was a bank top shot. Only trouble was it was a Chinese restraunt,. And here is the Kicker, it was run but a diminutive (Hong Kong) Chinese gent who had the colourful name of Whilhelm (very Chinese). He was a good mate and did the wedding reception upstairs for a mate of mine’s wedding! So Funny!


  2. I got out my magnifying glass to study the architecture (very nice) but was so amused by your crosswalk signs. I really do like the dismembered lower toro walking! The top part of the body is so overrated!


  3. I like the muted colors–definitely not pastels but not overwhelmingly bright either. AThere’s so much detail in the buildings and overall scene that it’s fun to look closely at both pictures.


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