Most of the pelicans at the zoo are there because of health problems, caused mainly by fishing lines, hooks and other debris that have found their way into the waterways. It should be everyone’s obligation to remember to take your rubbish home with you to help keep the envirnoment safe.


17 thoughts on “203 OBLIGATIONS

  1. Love your picture, pelicans are so beautiful, they look as if reflecting on really serious things … and what you tell is more than serious! Would be good if everybody took home his rubbish!


  2. Pack it in – pack it out. Why do people think the planet is their personal trash can? Sigh. Nice to get such a beautiful closeup AND it’s great that there are people who enjoy taking care of the injured birds!


  3. Poor babies. I am glad there is a place for them to go. I have publicly shamed people for leaving trash. One day I’ll probably get hurt doing this, but it really upsets me.


  4. litter seems to be a problem all over the world…..
    lucky for them to have this place

    as for eating reindeer, it’s common in Sweden, at least up north, quite expensive but very nice. I alsp had some smoked hearts 🙂 Theere is also dryed meat, gets very cocantrated and very useful for hikingtours


  5. In medieval art, the pelican was a Christ-figure, a symbol of self-sacrifice. these birds do have a soulful look in their eyes.


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