The Melbourne Eye is once again headed towards being sky-high, hope we don’t get another heatwave next summer like Jinxsy is in the middle of.


14 thoughts on “267 SKY-HIGH

  1. A very interesting photo. Lovely blue sky too. We are in the midst of a heatwave at the moment and my plants don’t like it much. Not to mention the dog and me……


    1. It’s under construction again for the second time as it developed cracks after only being in operation for a month, due to a very hot spell in January 2009 I think. If you google Melbourne eye you can read some very interesting social comments about the fiasco.


  2. Glad to know they are giving it another try, though hopefully they have corrected the past mistakes. I like work in progress shots, like this. Having the bicyclists in the foreground is a plus.


  3. I like how this is kind of a slice-of-life photo, what with the cyclists spinning by beneath the wheel, oblivious to the construction over head.


  4. I love the moment you caught with life going by. I imagine it will be super tested and very safe indeed when it’s done. Still amazing to me that a heat wave damaged it.


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