Many years ago I used to go to classes to learn how to paint using watercolours, a good form of relaxation I thought….but now I know better and choose to use the watercolour tutorials from the village to help me relax.ย  The walk along the river doesn’t do me any harm either, another form of relaxation that I enjoy.


10 thoughts on “239 RELAXATION

  1. Amazing job!!! At first I was confused as to whether you took a photo of a watercolor you painted in the past. Then I went into elements filters and tried out watercolor. Your result is WONDERFUL.

    Like Gisele, I can’t draw or paint maybe that is why I photograph:)


  2. it’s so beautiful, very well done … years ago I also tried to paint with watercolors and realized some little pictures, but like you I now do watercolor via elements.


  3. Hi hi, I know what you mean about watercolour and relaxation ๐Ÿ™‚ I have just recently started to try and learn it. Sometimes it comes out very nice and other times..not quite as well. Your image is fantastic, well done.


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