Melbourne’s answer to the ‘London Eye’ was dismantled over a year ago due to heat stress from a very hot summer, for now it’s broken but eventually it will all be put back together again. It will be known as the ‘Southern Star Observation Wheel’.


15 thoughts on “31 BROKEN

    1. I have been on the Brisbane eye and it was fantastic, but I was wondering how well that area has been cleaned up after the floods. That man-made beach along the river there was the best day out.


  1. Follow up question, only because I find this fascinating; Is there a liability issue in regards to design and/or construction due to the short life span? I mean, who is responsible for this mess? I find this really interesting, probably because I have done the London Eye. I just can’t imagine something like that lasting for such a short time due to heat! How hot did it get, anyway?

    I heard about the petrol explosions in Melbourne today. My ears are now open for Melbourne news since I am starting to learn the town! Hopefully I will see film on Channel 7 news!


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