Once upon a time I used to collect these mini bottles of goodness, but nowadays they only come in plastic bottles so I stopped buying them. I much prefer my booze to come in glass packaging.


19 thoughts on “213 PACKAGING

  1. I really like this shot – not just because the ambers and the other colors look great, but because I used to have a large collection of these too. My father used to bring them back from his international travels when I was a kid. I just got rid of mine last month.


  2. Hi!
    Very colorful collection. It’s amazing the things we collect. And I’ll agree with you glass is much better than plastic. I don’t think I’ve seen a plastic collection before. Have a great day!


    P.S. Love your Curves post, really beautiful.


  3. My great-aunt visited us from Scotland in her 80’s. She needed a wheelchair in the airport. When the flight crew wheeled her off the place, she had a lap full of these little bottles. She got on famously with the flight crew!


  4. Party at your house! This is a wonderful looking collection. Midori is my favorite after dinner liqueur. Mellon has never tasted better, and the color is the tops!


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