Who knew that showering could be so dangerous!


10 thoughts on “16 BATHTIME

  1. if you don’t look out, everything in life is dangerous!


    Beautiful capture, well done processing that underlines the old aged bathroom!


  2. Boy, I wonder if it is some weird Victorian era guilt thing that inspired that warning? A hot shower is one of the greatest pleasures in life!


  3. Funny how they thought showering would be too rough on women, yet they didn’t give a thought to having them bear a child every year or two and LARGE families!!!


  4. Hi Jacki,
    I love the tub, clawfoot tubs are so relaxing. We used to have one. They are also a wonderful place to take a bubble bath. As for the shower, well I’m sure some women would sneak in for one. It would be to tempting not too. Have a great day!



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