This was going to be my post for ‘flight’ but as you can see this guy was never meant to leave the ground…so this is instead my attempt at a B&W image (while Ron’s away). 


is the continuation of a theme by Edwards whereby he situates himselfas the work.



is a sculptural self portrait by Edwards. The interface of the human and themachine is a source of contemplation acting as a metaphor for production, aspiration and





14 thoughts on “22 BLACK AND WHITE IMAGE

  1. This is one of the many modern works of art that occupy the grounds of the Werribee Mansion. At the end of his body is an axis with a wheel either side, all done in black iron. Almost crucifix like isn’t it?


  2. A very cool sculpture indeed. Removing the color is a great way to see just the lines. It does have a very strong look of a crucifix, I wonder what the artist’s statement is…


  3. Keep doing the black and white! We don’t always have to live in an overly saturated world. 😉

    There is a great high contrast here, too. Almost infrared.


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