This burnt out shell of an old car still has some recognizable car parts.


18 thoughts on “37 CAR PARTS

    1. Hi Gisele, I played around with the ‘extrude’ filter found under stylize in the filter menu. Not sure if it achieved the grungy look I was looking for, but I thought it worked with the rust. Jacki.


    1. Just recently someone emailed me a youtube video of camera footage taken from a tram in San Francisco, 1906 – and most of the cars were right-hand drive! When did the US flip to the other side and why?


  1. Sad to see this, this car has done so many miles, seen so many places, taken the courting couple to the movies, the married couple on honeymoon, the kids to school etc. Now it lies forgotten and slowly disappearing.
    Beautiful nostalgic photo.


  2. Well spotted, and it fits the theme very well. The processing is certainly different to what I have ever seen before… well done for trying something different 🙂


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