This bridge over the river was closed to foot traffic as the water levels were still quite high, how I wished to see what the view was like from the other side….


16 thoughts on “167 LEADING LINES

  1. There is so much to look around at in the photo but your eye does follow down the path. I love the reflections.


  2. Really nice. Is the debris on the bridge from the rising water or from tree sheds from above? Since you said this was a river then this isn’t Lollipop Creek, is it?


    1. The bridge is covered in leaf litter and strips of bark off the trees. This stretch of water is what’s called an anabranch of the Murray River, where it has branched off from the main part of the river and will rejoin it somewhere downstream.


  3. It’s that vanishing point that has me sucked into this scene. Very cool shot and being able to view it nice and large on your blog makes me feel I’m right there. I can almost smell the eucalyptus….


  4. Stunning image and perfect for the theme. And I agree with you, would have been great to be able to see the view from the other side. Maybe next time…


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