I had to get down very low to photograph these four fluffy waterhen chicks as they were hiding inside a concrete slipway on a bed of reeds. Their constant squeaking gave away their location and I got several toots from passing motorists who must have wondered why I was laying down near the side of the road. Meanwhile my family fished on and pretended not to know me….they are a little pre-historic looking don’t you think?


15 thoughts on “110 FLUFFY

  1. Now that is the way to get down and dirty to get a challenge picture! I love their little fluffy feathers and baby faces! I am so glad we didn’t miss out on these guys!


  2. Love that you got down on the ground to do this, even if people thought you were nuts. I do that often! Look at the legs on these babies – I like the little stripes on them.


  3. We are kindred spirits in terms of our families not wanting to admit they know us when we are embarked on getthe THAT photo! I admire your fortitude–and the results are worth it!


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