Large flocks of these birds (30-50) are very common sights around my neighbourhood. They are known as ‘little corellas’ and are very noisy and destructive to light poles where they love to hang out and chew the fittings with their powerful beaks. They are also very comical and good at hanging upside down while interacting with each other. I stalked this couple this morning while my sons were playing softball, in the first photo they seem to be watching the game from the highest past of the fence.


14 thoughts on “88 EVERY DAY SIGHTS

  1. I still can’t get over that you have these magnificent beauties just flying around your neck of the woods…I only see them at zoos and the pet store. Awesome pictures!


  2. It is so different to think that birds we enjoy in zoos are just everyday sights for some people and can be pests! About how big are these birds anyway…they look big and like they would leave a lot of calling cards wherever they roost too! Great photos.


  3. They do look like some sort of albino parrot. One person’s “Every Day Sights” is totally foreign and exotic to the next person.


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