This old river barge now lies motionless in a shady pond, not far from the Murray where she once used to carry goods up and down the river.


17 thoughts on “185 MOTIONLESS

  1. The algae on this little water way speaks volumes! I love the splash of red on the boat against all the greens, very nice image!


  2. This is such an interesting photo with so much to look at! Is that also algae water inside the boat? I am also wondering how deep this boat is since there is a ladder. I am also fascinated with the rest of the scenery. I agree with other’s comments on camera angle and red frame.


  3. it’s beautiful in more than one sense, I do like the processing, makes me feel as if the picture comes out of a fairy tale.


  4. The red border echoes the red of the boat perfectly. The positioning of the portholes up front make it seem like some sort of lurking being.


  5. How cool! I’m glad you provided that link in your reply to Steven; it’s interesting to see how they were used. And your photo is really pretty amazing – the perspective gives it such depth and realism.

    I’m so happy to be learning a bit about Australian history from your blog.


  6. Another fantastic photo from your blog. Theres so much in this photo, and I especially like the way the photo is so wide… oh, and the colours are wonderful too 🙂


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