When I saw this structure in the city the other day I couldn’t believe my eyes – pigeons are known as ‘rats with wings’ all over the world and here someone was providing a high-rise apartment building for them to rear their young and generally make a nuisance of themselves. However after a little research I discovered that this house/home is called             Batman’s pigeon loft and was purposely built by the City Council to encourage the birds to nest away from the more populated areas of the city – also their eggs are removed and replaced with dummy ones which is seen as an humane solution to their breeding habits.


21 thoughts on “149 HOUSE/HOME

  1. That is massive! You know, some theorize that pigeons are alien. Have you really ever seen a young pigeon? They just appear as adults! Some people say Hungarians are alien too, because their language is so far removed from any other country in their region. Makes one wonder about Hungarian Pigeons, doesn’t it?


  2. Love it, especially as a method of getting rid of the varmints.
    In the 12-14th (and later) century’s the big ‘houses’ had ‘dove cotes ‘similar in style to this. Some were housing 2000 pairs, but this was for the Lord’s table as they were highly prized food.
    How times have changed, different methods of control. think I like he pigeon pie one best tho.


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