This fabulous ocean liner was docked at the Port of Melbourne over the weekend and I wondered how to go about stowing away on her for a few days. All those decks just seemed to be repeating themselves. Dream on…..


18 thoughts on “243 REPEATING PATTERNS

  1. Nice patterns. After being on a cruise ship that was stuck in a hurricane (after the hurricane unexpectedly changed course), I vowed no more cruise ships for me. It was miserable and there was nowhere to hide.


  2. Wow, now that’s a boat! I agree with Julie though, I’m not too sure how comfortable I’d feel floating on it in the middle of the ocean. Great example of repeating patterns.


  3. Those ships are huge, too huge! Do the people on board know they are on a ship? Perhaps I will try one in the future but for now I prefer canoes or kayaks. It surely is a repeating pattern, for all 7 or 8 stories!


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