The skull pictured in the ‘what is that’ theme belonged to a hippopotamus. They don’t look very dangerous when seen lounging around like this on the muddy bank but they are responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other animal. Harold, the patriarch of this family lives in his own waterway next door, but years ago when the barriers between them were not as secure it was discovered that he’d been fooling around with Brindabella and Tulip was the result.


16 thoughts on “96 FAMILY

  1. I’ve read how dangerous they can be…but in your photo, they represent the ultimate in relaxation. Excellent exposure: no harsh lights and shadows.


  2. Lovely family portrait. The 1st view is a most interesting view, looks as if the adults are connected (just as family is), and their bodies are reflected in the water is an added bonus.
    Thanks for answering yesterday’s clue.


  3. And mosquitos kill more humans than any animal, but since they are considered an insect I guess they don’t count.

    Tulip is a cute name for a hippo.


  4. I thought he skull was from a rhino……
    this seem as a friendly family on siesta and as others on siesta I understand that they don’t want to be disturbed 😉 the top looks fuyy, as an animal with head in each end 🙂


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